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Best Time to Post to Facebook

In my last blog post, I said that the next social media topic would focus on finding friends, or customers, on Facebook. However, a new report is hot off the press from Vitrue (a leading social media management company – highlighting when people use social media most frequently. So allow me to stray down this path for now.

During the Pondemonium social media class in August, someone asked the question, “When’s the best time to post information on Facebook?” I let a few people in the group answer the question and there were a variety of answers, which just goes to show that as individuals, we access social media when it’s convenient for us.

However, Vitrue’s new report shows that there are indeed, some legitimate consistencies in Facebook usage. The report tracked usage of approximately 1,500 accounts for more than 3 years, from August 2007 to October 2010. Traffic proved highest on Facebook during weekdays, primarily 10:00 a.m, 2:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. (Central Time), with the biggest spike occurring at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday is consistently the most popular day of the week, with Sunday crawling in at last place.

What’s interesting is that even though Facebook posts take place more frequently at 2:00 p.m., posts that are published in the morning tend to perform better than those posted in the afternoon. Vitrue states the data shows that morning posts are 39.7% more effective in terms of user engagement than those published later in the day.

Now I’m not saying you should do all of your posting in the morning, but clearly there could be a greater return on investment of your time by doing so. Keep in mind, Vitrue also found that 65% of users only access Facebook when they’re not at work or school. So if you’re only logging on mid-morning, you could lose some valuable interaction with evening users.

While this reporting may seem a bit complicated or even contradictory, the main thing to remember is to consistently post relevant, helpful information for your customers. Posting once or twice a month is not enough, but you don’t want to overdo and post every hour, either. If you’re just getting started with social media, try posting information about 3 times per week. You’ll learn what engages your customer by the amount of “likes” or “comments” on that your posts, photos, or videos receive.

Here are just a few more fun Facebook facts from Mashable (

The average Facebook user  …

  • Clicks the “Like” button 9 times per day
  • Writes 25 comments per day
  • Becomes a fan of 2 pages per day
  • Is a member of 12 groups
  • Spends 55 minutes on Facebook daily

Next week, I promise, will be about finding friends on Facebook. Until then, happy posting!