Monthly Archives: December 2010

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

As long as we’re still on the topic of Facebook, we might as well take some time to discuss what type of information to post. Whenever you get ready to add something to your Facebook page, stop and ask the question “Is this something that provides value to my customers?”

Between Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, blogs, e-newsletters and more … there’s a lot of information out there! The last thing your customer wants is more stuff to read that doesn’t provide value to their lives. While they might enjoy a hot cup of Starbucks’ Breakfast Blend coffee, they probably really don’t care to hear that you’re supping a cup yourself.

So what types of Facebook posts seem to generate the most interest? Photos! According to Vitrue, a social media publishing software provider, “image posts are more engaging as measured by fan responses, likes and shares than video or text.” (Anatomy of a Facebook Post, 9/20/10). Vitrue contracted a third party to analyze Facebook posts from May through August, 2010 from over 100 pages, representing 42.6 million Facebook fans.

From the data, Vitrue found that image posts received 54% more engagement than text posts, and 27% more engagement than video posts. This makes sense, when you think about it. Photos certainly catch your eye more than words on a screen, and watching a video takes more time than viewing a photo.

On Aquascape’s fan page we have certainly found Vitrue’s conclusion to be true. On more than one occasion, we’ve received over 50 “likes” within 24 hours after posting a photo album. We never get this type of response after posting a comment, video, or link to an informative article. Whenever we want to engage our fans at the greatest level, we simply post a new photo album … all water garden photos, of course. This doesn’t mean, however, that we stop linking to articles or providing helpful tips.

Think of it this way. When consumers decorate their homes, they turn to decorating magazines filled with photos for inspiration and ideas. When you post a photo album, it’s like providing a digital magazine of photos meant to inspire them with ideas for their own backyard. Not to mention the fact that you’re showcasing your handiwork at the same time!

Be sure to read all the comments on your photos, and interact with your fans in conversations about those photos. Just this week we posted a photo album of wintry water gardens and within the first 30 minutes, one of our fans commented that he had just gone online to look for one of those “trough things where the waterfalls begin.” Of course, he was talking about a BioFalls® Filter. I immediately responded that he could find one from his local retailer or contractor and gave him a link to a page on our website to find one in his area. His response? “Thank you sooooooo much!”

So when you’re feeling a little tongue-tied, or have a case of writer’s block, turn to photos to engage your fans on Facebook. By all means, continue to give your fans useful water gardening tips throughout the year. They’ll appreciate the help you give them. Simply remember the popularity of photos on Facebook. They can be great conversation starters and the beginning (or continuation) of a beautiful relationship!