Social Media Infographics

    • Do you play Mafia Wars or Farmville on Facebook?
    • When you’re sitting at a stoplight in your truck do you whip out your iPhone for a quick game of Angry Birds?
    • Is your child friends with his/her teacher on Facebook?
    • Do your parents or grandparents use Facebook?
    • Did you know you could memorialize a deceased loved one’s Facebook page, for memories to enjoy for years to come?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re certainly not alone. Social media is no longer a networking tool for the teen crowd. In fact, only 10% of U.S. Facebook users are in high school!
I’ve always loved statistics like these, and Jeff Bullas’ blog highlights some of the latest social media stats and interesting tidbits in appealing visual design, pulled from a variety of online sources. Jeff is an online marketing and social media expert who writes clearly, breaking things down into understandable nuggets of information.
If you’re like me and enjoy learning through a combination of statistics and visual graphics (ie “infographics”), head on over to Jeff’s blog entitled “Five Fabulous Facebook Infographics” and see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll learn something you don’t already know about social media.

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