Are People Talking About You?

Facebook has implemented several changes this past month and not everyone is happy about it. But there’s one addition in particular that’s especially helpful to anyone with a fan page.  It’s a little number on the left-hand side of your page, located directly under the number of people who like your page. This new number tells you how many people are talking about your page, or your brand.

At any given time, you can check your fan page to see how many people are engaging with you. Facebook counts the number of times someone likes content on your page, responds to content on your page, posts something on your page, tags you in a comment or photo, etc.  Below is a screen shot of Aquascape’s fan page, showing that 105 people were talking about us at the time the screen shot was taken.

This number is visible to anyone who visits your page (unlike Insights, Facebook’s analytical tool, which can only be viewed by the Admin when logged in). It’s interesting to see how many people are talking about fan pages that you visit.

So next time you visit your Facebook fan page, take a look and see how many people are talking about you. If the number seems low, you might want to change your strategy a bit in order to improve engagement with your customers. Post a photo. Ask a question. Or check out other fan pages to see what type of interaction seems to get the most response. Then keep an eye on that number and hopefully you’ll see that more people are talking about you!


One response to “Are People Talking About You?

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