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Leveraging Pinterest: Is Your Website Pin-Worthy?

Last month, I shared an overview of Pinterest, the internet’s up-and-coming social star. Even if you decide not to create your own account on Pinterest, you still need to be aware that existing and potential customers could pin photos from your website to their pinboard … or can they?

If your website is a flash-based site that blocks pinning, you might want to reconsider how your web photos are displayed. Before you think that blocking pinners from your website means people can’t steal your photos … think again!

Pinterest wasn’t created so people could steal photos. Pinterest is for sharing photos and ideas, while giving the originator credit for the photo. When someone pins your photo, the link to your web page is automatically attached to that photo. So if you click on a photo that Mary Jane pinned from Betty Crocker’s website, you’ll be taken to the web page where the photo was pinned. That’s a good thing! It gives Betty Crocker more exposure. Likewise, if photos are pinned from your website, you’ll attract new visitors that may have never found you.



To make sure your website is pin-worthy, it’s a good idea to test your website using Pinterest. Create your account, download the pin button (instructions are on the Pinterest website and it’s super easy), and then try pinning photos from various pages of your website. If your photos are rendered with flash, a message that says Pinterest couldn’t find any photos will appear. Otherwise, you’ll be able to pin the photo, add a description, and decide which pinboard to put it on.

Keep in mind, users can also pin videos from your website. If you have videos housed on YouTube, people can pin them from there or you can embed them onto your website. A couple months ago I pinned the video of Brian Helfrich’s amazing water feature and within minutes, it was being pinned by other users (in addition to pinning photos from a website, you can also re-pin photos and videos that others have already pinned).

If you want to learn more about Pinterest and other social media sites, be sure to attend this year’s Pondemonium! We’ll be sharing tips and tricks for enhancing your brand in the digital world!