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Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to think about a social media strategy. You want it to just happen. You’re hoping a social strategy just means posting some stuff on Facebook, pinning photos on Pinterest, and writing 140-character tweets on Twitter. You don’t really want to take time to think it through. After all, social media is supposed to be fun, right?

strategy definition

What if I told you that you don’t need a social media strategy? I want to share a concept with you that I just read about this morning. It’s a thought that has been floating in my head for quite some time now; I’ve just never heard anyone verbalize it … until now.

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Simply put, your social strategy should walk in lock-step with your business strategy. This approach should actually make social media easier for you to execute. Hopefully you do have a business strategy and your social media campaign will simply echo that strategy. Once you have your business strategy in place, simply determine what social media outlets you’ll use to “socialize your business.”

You might find you have different audiences in certain social networks. For example, Aquascape’s Facebook audience is primarily consumers. On Twitter however, our audience gravitates more toward the wholesale market. The information we share on each is slightly different and is packaged in an appropriate message, but all content is aligned with our overall business strategy.

As we move through 2013, be sure to plan an effective strategy to help your business succeed and make sure you employ specific tactics to execute for reaching your goals. Then socialize your business through a variety of social networks best suited for your target market.


Using Plaxo to Organize Your Contacts … and Find New Ones!

If you’re like most people, you’ve got contacts stored in numerous locations. Some of your contacts are on Facebook or LinkedIn. Some are stored in your personal email account, others can be found in your business email account. Would you like an easy way to organize all these contacts and be able to access them via your computer or phone at any time of day? Then Plaxo is for you!

Getting Started with Plaxo

Plaxo is a free, online address book that lets you sync your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and more! Plaxo makes it easy to import your various contacts into one, convenient account that you can access at anytime via your computer or smartphone.

So when you’re on the road, no need to call into the office for Betty Lou’s phone number because she’s a Facebook friend and isn’t in your Blackberry contact list. All you need to do is go to the Plaxo app (yes, there’s a smartphone app) and get Betty’s number because you imported all your contacts into Plaxo.

Plaxo's Variety of Mobile Apps

But there’s more. If Betty changes her phone number and updates it in her Facebook account, you won’t need to bother asking Betty for her new number and changing it in your phone. Plaxo automatically updates contact information whenever someone changes it in their social networking accounts.

But wait! There’s even more! If your contacts have posted their birthdate in Facebook or LinkedIn or similar, you’ll get an automatic notice reminding you of their birthday. So if Betty Lou is a good customer and you want to impress her, you can send her birthday greetings via Plaxo’s online e-card service (some of the cards are free, some require a small fee). Won’t Betty be surprised you remembered her special day?

Automated Birthday Reminder from Plaxo

And yes, there’s still more. You can find potential contacts on Plaxo by using their search directory – much like using the White Pages to look for someone’s phone number. You can choose to be included in this free directory on Plaxo, but if you’re worried an old flame might look you up, simply remove yourself from the search directory with one click of your mouse.

Plaxo also provides a calendar service so you can keep your appointments updated online. No more forgetting important meetings or phone conference calls!

If you’ve never heard of Plaxo and are thinking no one really uses it, think again! Ignite Social Media recently launched its 2012 Social Network Analysis Report to break down which demographics are using what social network outlets. Plaxo has the highest percentage of the richest demographic, followed by LinkedIn. Plaxo also has the oldest demographic of the social networks.

Regardless if you use Plaxo to find new contacts for business, it’s still a great way to organize all your contacts and have them at your fingertips any time of day! To create your free account, visit http://www.plaxo.com. (Note – Plaxo has enhanced services available for a small, monthly fee.)